Natural Whipped Butter Deodorant No Baking Soda. NO Aluminum


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Brought to you by myself SydL♡vely! This natural whipped butter deodorant is a lovely treat if you desire something that is natural, nourishing, conscious, but also works well!

(Essential Oil/ Infused Jojoba Oil)

Scents Available:

Palo Santo
White Sage
Ylang Ylang

With its creamy consistency it will moisturize the arm pit area and then penatrate deep into skin which means NO OILY ARM PITS throughout your day! I live out in Central Texas and this last summer of 2023 was so hot reaching a whopping 100+ for nearly 3 months!! I and several customers wore my Natural Whipped Deodorant every day, working in restaurants serving and cooking 🥵 and won't you believe it! We did not smell!! This deodorant DOES NOT CONTAIN ALUMINUM WHICH MEANS YOU WILL SWEAT. THE DEODORANT TACKLES ODOR NOT SWEAT. THIS DEODORANT DOES NOT CONTAIN BAKING SODA. I am as conscious as one can possibly be when sourcing my bulk items so if you have any questions message me! Thank you for visiting my shop SydL♡vely!